"Christo adapts effectively to new challenges - a strength he demonstrated throughout his 14-year career at Naspers."
Andries Malherbe, managing director of Moneymax and other Naspers online businesses (January 2002)

"You delivered work of outstanding quality. Congratulations!"
Dr. Markus Reiners, Institute of Political Science at the University of Hanover (February 2012)

"It's a pleasure working with you."
Katja Riefler, Founder/principal of RISolutions and director EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) of AIM Group (March 2012)

"Christo does a terrific job for us. He has taken the initiative to make us better, added responsibilities regularly, and helps us build our business. And he's a pleasure to work with!"
Peter Zollman, founding principle of AIM Group (November 2012)

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